Will social media go away

Social media has not only spread throughout the world but has become their bread and butter, for which it is highly unlikely that social media will go away anytime soon. Today people use social media in the shape of entertainment and enjoyment while respecting all traditions and cultures of all people in the world. Sure there are people who are scared of social media and even ask questions like “can you see who views your Instagram profile” but for the majority, social media is a part of their daily routine and even business. It is not only a free source of top-notch entertainment but it is acceptable by all types of people; hence has no niche. In fact, it is aimed at everyone in this world. This goes on to show the widespread of social media and how impactful it is. One of the essential qualities social media has is that it has made it easy for people to connect while sitting miles apart from each other, which has not only forced the elder people to use more of the social media since they can now talk with their children and loved ones, that too with no cost, but it has also become a good source of advertising product by companies with the unique ability of these social media application to only promote the product to people with concerning interests and age. Some important point on whether social media will go away or not is as follows:

Leaked privacy

Privacy is something that no other person has a right to end, and so the same goes for these social media websites. We need to understand that these social media applications track all our movements, out likes, out comments, and the type of content we spend watching Et cetera. By doing this, they can not only advertise products for companies better by identifying who is interested in a particular product but also makes the advertising lucrative. Instagram does not allow people to know who views their profile recently, but when asked on Quora, “can you see who views your Instagram profile,” numerous people answered with the recommendation of application who seek payment in the trade of knowing who has viewed your profile in the last week or month. How this sort of information gets leaked so quickly shows some dark aspects of these social media websites as to how they leak such valuable information for some amount of money. Recently for this, Facebook and Google’s owner and the president had to face U.S. court for disclosing people’s privacy because they used location-based targeting to market companies’ products.

Revenue generation

Today, social media platforms are one of the best ways to promote products and the business idea to a vast number of people who have a great interest in such similar ideas and plans, which helps the company find their market share quickly. Since these platforms provided a great way not only to promote but also to establish a business, they make great sense in revenue generation. Many companies working today on these platforms aren’t even registered, and top of this do not have any particular store or employees. Hence, these factors significantly decrease costs and make it feasible for people to work at any level. Thus, solely due to this fact, there is no clear indication of these platforms will ever go since they will exist, maybe in another form or shape.