Can I Teach English to a 3-year-old and How?

If you are wondering how to learn English for kids with little to no effort, we have some ideas ready for you.
The major trick is that three-year-olds are very curious. You might just think that the little guy in the sandbox is just playing and not hearing anything. But one day he, like a parrot, suddenly gives out all the necessary and unnecessary words, which he absorbed like a sponge while playing games. 

Children’s ability to learn the language. 

We should use this children’s ability to remembering everything while playing to help them learn English with ease and fun.

We need to turn their first English lessons in the same game: the child is just interested in playing with you, he does not know what you teach him. Because he is focused on the game itself, he will remember all the English phrases said to him. 


Start learning by naming everything that surrounds your baby at the age of 3: 

home items – toy, plate, table, apple, etc.; 

body parts – hand, nose, mouth, head, eyes; 

what he sees outside – car, cat, bird, sun.


Learn not only words, but immediately make simple phrases out of them: 

– Give me a cup, please.  

– Do you want an apple?  

– Let’s go for a walk!  

From the age of 3 children are also easily memorize words – Thank you! Please. Greetings – Hello! Hi! Good morning!, etc. They can easily score from one to ten, and name colors of the whole spectrum of the rainbow. What a child can not understand is some abstract concepts. Do not try to explain to your child what is love, sadness, or anger. And in general, try to avoid long incomprehensible words. At the same time, he understands what it is: to love, to cry, have fun, be glad, good or bad, and so on. 

Learn and play together with children.

You can teach these conceptual words to children only in communication, by reading books together and watching cartoons. Communicating with your child, you can express this feeling of love with the words “I love you”. And when reading a fairy tale, pay attention to the character’s character: mouse – cheerful, cat – evil, hare – good, and the fox – bad or cunning, etc. Of course, there will be a lot of reading out loud and repeating.  But how much joy will be when you will see one day that your little kids have learned and remembered more words than you expected.

How to learn English playing

It is not difficult at all, and you can make the game yourself.  You will need a large sheet of paper, colorful cardboard cards, cubes and chips, and some imagination. Come up with a goal of the game and a strategy, for example, the goal is to get to the prize, the strategy is to learn the colors. Shuffle the cards, each child pulls out one, and names the color in English and puts the chip of the same color on his track. Who named the color first, walks first, who is wrong – misses a move. The theme of the game can be easily changed by using cards with pictures of objects, animals, etc.