Top Ways to Monetize Your Twitter

Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms since it has one of the highest amounts of active users. This makes it a fantastic platform for marketing because of its popularity. However, given the large number of marketers that are currently generating money from Twitter, it might be difficult to differentiate oneself from the existing competition. You may quickly begin generating money if you use the appropriate technique. In this article, we are going to share with you our best-kept strategies for turning Twitter into a money-making machine right now.

Get more followers

Whether you’re an influencer making sponsored posts or managing a business account on the platform, it is essential for you to grow Twitter followers on your account to reach out to more people on the platform. The more people get engaged with your content, the better your chances of convincing people to buy the products you’re promoting will be. In this way, the larger the number of followers you have, the greater the monetisation capabilities of your account.

Tip Jar feature

On your Twitter profile page, just click “Edit profile.” You’ll be able to activate the Tip Jar feature if it’s applicable to your account. If people want to tip you, you may build up a procedure where they can do so. All the famous online payment providers can be used to process the tips to your accounts. Once the feature is enabled, anybody who visits your account can simply click the Tip Jar symbol, select the payment method of their preference, and be led straight to the unique link that allows them to transfer funds to you.

Super follows

In a way, Twitter’s Super Follows revenue strategy is similar to a subscription service offered by other social media platforms. Those who have enabled Super Follows may charge their followers a subscription fee for additional unique content. 1Twitter gives producers the option of charging $3, $5, or $10 for their subscriptions. Until they make $50,000 in career revenues, creators get 97 per cent of the money. After that, Twitter increases its share and takes to 20 per cent of the revenues.

As a Super Follower of a certain Twitter user, you will be awarded a special emblem on your profile. Only Super Followers may view the tweets and personal answers sent by creators.

Ticketed spaces

Using Twitter’s built-in tool, you can create your own private space on the network. The live audio conversation has proved to be a hit on Twitter. So the “Ticketed Spaces” function is really a monetisation option for the “Spaces” feature.  Users can charge the audience to participate in a live audio session to gain extra money from the platform. It is required that you have one thousand followers and organise at least 3 live chat sessions a month to enable the option of ticketed spaces.

All these options are excellent ways to monetise your Twitter account and generate the maximum amount of revenue from the platform.